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apush_for_5's Journal

A Push for APUSH
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A community for APUSH students across the nation
Some of us are a little overwhelmed by the idea of that APUSH test lurking around the corner, with all the presidents, court cases, treaties, wars, reformers, dates-

Well it's enough to make anyone sick.

But before you start ripping out your hair and biting your cuticles, try joining this community first. Together we can share all our information on APUSH, so the more the merrier!

Hey, it couldn't hurt right?

So all I ask is that you check out the three simple rules below. Then, go U.S. history crazy!!! :]]


To post in this community, I ask you abide by the following rules-

1. Respect other members of the community, as in no bashing or rude comments.

2. Posts must be relevant to United States History.

3. If a post contains questionable content please mark it for language, violence, nudity, etc. (absolutely NO pornographic images.)

If any of the above rules are broken, you will be immediately banned from the community. Other than that, feel free to discuss any aspect of United States history! :]]