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Uh oh.

1. To those who took/will take the APUSH exam, did you/will you take the SAT II: US History as well? If not, why?

2. My APUSH class is frighteningly behind. We have YET to cover Civil War and we only have a month to cram everything in! At the start of the year, our teacher insisted on covering all the notes with us with his detailed Brinkley notes. And that's all we did. Copied off of his notes and lectures and doing weekly Zinn chapter reviews. Realizing we're behind at the end of the year, he assigned us into groups in charge to take notes on a couple of chapters off of our Brinkley textbook so we could ~help~ each other. We had to provide full Cornell notes, section summaries, and drill questions. They were all due at the end of our winter break. Currently, four chapters are still not turned in. And to be honest, I think some of the students in the class are not competent enough (judging by the notes they posted up on our AP website) so I don't even think I should consider relying on their notes. Obviously, we're in trouble and we'd have to do a lot of independent studying as if our life depended on it. I think I'll be fine with the multiple choice portion of the test-- the three DBQs worry me the most. We haven't had much practice.. I think we had two in-class and two take-home DBQs.


Btw, what's a good study book for the AP test? And would these flash cards be helpful?


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Apr. 23rd, 2008 10:23 pm (UTC)
1. I would definitely take the History SAT II, unless of course you're not very good at it. I'm taking it because some of the schools I want to apply to require I take subject tests, and since I'm already studying for the AP exam, I might as well.

2. Wow, I totally feel for you. And I thought I was behind. One book I have that I would only recommend if your very good at retaining information and will finish is United States History Preparing for the Advanced Placement Examination published by Newman and Schmalbach. Otherwise, I found this awesome little book that highlights what matters by Barron. It's called, Barron's EZ-101 study keys American History to 1877. There's another one too, I think it goes into the late 20th century. I really recommend it, but it does not include AP studying tips or any information on the essays. What I recommend for the days before the test is Sparknotes AP Power Pack (U.S. History) it has practice tests, two study charts, and get this, flashcards! And it only costs a little more than the flash cards you were going to get. I used it for my World test last year, and that was all I used, and I got a 4. I realize by now you've probably got a hold of some study guide, but if you're still not sure, these are my recommendations. I don't know much about the other guides, but I heard Princeton's not very good for much more than passing.
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